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We are the nameless victims of a generation lost, looking for somewhere to exist
We are not special, we are not a unique snowflake, we are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, we are the all singing, all dancing, all crap of the world.

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the most tragic tale of all is the person who introduced two friends only to be forgotten by the both of them
He’s doing a brilliant thing for a brilliant charity, if anyone would like to donate and help raise funds for Alzheimer’s uk simply click the link :) 

On September 28th 2013 I am taking part in the 10km Memory walk. Alzheimer’s took away my best friend, my Grandad, but not before making him suffer for 7 year. Alzheimer’s Is an awful disease and not many people fully understand the severity and heartbreak involved for those suffering and those who care about them. Raising money for this charity is very important to me and I’m doing it in memory of my best friend, but also this is a big thing for me as 7 month ago I had major spinal fusion surgery and had to be taught how to walk again. To go from not being able to stand up or walk without aid to doing a 10km walk in 7 month is a massive deal for me and I hope I’ve made my Grandad proud of me. If anyone would like to sponsor me or even get involved themselves it would mean a lot to many:

I’ve seen a lot of posts by people who don’t want to wear certain types of clothing, because their scars will be visible. They worry that people will stare at them, or ask questions, or make rude comments, and this saddens me.
Scoliosis (and, of course, many other conditions) can have a massive impact on a person’s self esteem, and I, like most others who have suffered with scoliosis, have struggled with wanting to look “normal”. However, whilst some aesthetic aspects of my conditions upset me immensely, my scars have always been something that I have taken pride in.
Scars are never “ugly”, in my opinion. They are beautiful, because they tell a story of the trials we have faced. Whether it be a scratch from a childhood fall or a mark from a scalpel, it is your battle wound to wear with pride, so wear it.

Me and Lewis were cute bastards and got matching tattoos. Absolutely love it!